Are you looking for a way to help your young person be proud of who they are as a Christian? Are you looking for a way to help your young person learn what it means to be a Christian?

Then you're invited to consider Central Texas Leadership Training for Christ (CTLTC). This activity-based program is designed to help any young person, grades 3 – 12, who is willing to put effort into their faith discover the joy of following Christ. The wonder of expressing themselves through Sign Language, Christian Art, Puppets, Drama, Chorus or any of the over two dozen events offered each year.

Your son or daughter can learn how to be evangelistic through our Evangelism Challenge. How to stand before an audience and declare their faith through Speech. They can hone their reading skills in Bible Reading.
And for the more competitive in nature we have Bible Bowl.
The artistic young person can display their talents through Bulletin Board/Scrapbook, Children's Books, Christian Art, Christian Fiction, Live Modern Drama, Multi-media, Poetry, Video Bible Drama and Webpage Design.

Your young person can be recognized for their ability to teach in Bible Class Teaching Challenge. They can prove their leadership ability in Leadership Challenge. They can receive recognition for their service in Service Challenge.

Why CTLTC? They have a fun, challenging and rewarding opportunity to honor God. Their way.
Do you want to learn more about CTLTC?

Reach out to our Chairman (chairman@ctltc.net) and he will be glad to discuss CTLTC and how it can bless your congregation.



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