Central Texas Leadership Training for Christ (CTLTC) is an activity-based program designed to help young people discover, refine and display their talents and skills as they express their faith and glorify God.
This is best achieved through the local congregation as part of their ongoing plan to encourage their youth, support their families and develop their abilities.

CTLTC is a program designed for children and youth from grades 3 – 12. This makes them eligible to participate in our annual "convention" over Easter weekend. Young people from across Central, Southeast and East Texas will gather on the Texas A&M University campus for fellowship and fun.

Through CTLTC, children and youth select the number of events, both pre-convention, challenge and convention, they will participate in at convention. Normally, most congregations spend 3 – 6 months planning, praying, rehearsing and celebrating the progress their youth make during this journey.

CTLTC also offers a tremendous opportunity for parents to help their young people while preparing for the convention. Parents normally serve as Event Coaches, Church Directors and chaperones. They can share from their experience as well develop new skills while leading the youth in rehearsals.

CTLTC is an avenue through which congregations can help their young people demonstrate the joy of being a Christian, the wonders of learning more about the God they serve and the thrill of displaying their faith through both individual and group events.
To learn more about CTLTC, schedule a presentation about CTLTC or to ask questions simply contact the CTLTC Chairman (chairman@ctltc.net), and they will be glad to help you.


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