One of the most important and hard to fill positions at the CTLTC convention is the Judges. To some it is scary to think “How could I judge how well someone else is doing this event?” If you enjoy encouraging young people, and you can fill out a form, you can judge an event.

Participants are "Judged" against a standard form which can be found in the manual. Everyone who participates is an individual. The forms are a guide to help you help them. If the participant needs a little work in an area, then make an encouraging suggestion to them. If they do a good job let them know. If they excel in a particular area, recognize their efforts. Then, based on the available points, place the score you feel is appropriate. For example one of the Speech criteria is: Voice - The speaker should show good variety in voice tone and word speed. He should speak clearly and pronounce words properly. His voice should show sincerity and enthusiasm. Write something in the space provided to encourage the participant either in helping them to improve or recognizing them for their efforts. There are 15 available points for this particular section. You could break this down to tone, clarity and sincerity or score it as an overall category.

One special note here: It is discouraging rather than encouraging for a participant to get a less than perfect score and have no idea why because the judge did not write anything on the sheet. Anyone is willing to improve if you tell them where to focus their efforts. Chances are the area you noticed is exactly the area they have been working on with their Event Coach. Not everyone deserves a Gold award, but everyone needs to know where to focus their efforts to improve.

Now for the second argument: “I want to see my children participate in their event.” Well… so do the rest of us. This is a volunteer organization and we should all be here in a dual capacity. What can CTLTC do to encourage and train your children and what can you do to help CTLTC do this for others. Check your child’s or children’s schedule and find a time when you are available (maybe a different age group) and volunteer. Bring you children and have them observe and learn.

Let your Congregational Coordinator know that you would like to judge an event. They can register you on the CTLTC Registration site as a volunteer. You can also check by the Judges Table at the convention, but signing up in advance helps our Event Directors know what their resources will be and it helps take a little of the stress out of their job. There is more on Judging in the CTLTC Manual found in the Documents section of this website.