One of the important roles someone can accept at CTLTC is also one of the most misunderstood. Serving as an Event Judge.

The words, the marks you make and the content of your evaluation on an individual, or team, judging sheet could change a child’s live forever. Judges have the power of hope or disgrace through the way you choose to evaluate a display of faith and talent in every event.

Judging is not as hard as we think it is.

You simply watch an individual, or group, present their talent in any event. Then, based only on their efforts, you complete an evaluation form. The goal is to be honest, fair, encouraging and direct.

The goal is to remember these young people are standing before to proclaim their faith through song, signing, drama, puppets, Bible Bowl, speech and Bible reading; not to mention what you will enjoy in their art, scrapbook, bulletin board, Christian blog, Christian fiction, multimedia, poetry and video Bible drama. Your responsibility is to evaluate their efforts fairly.

Your comments should be focused on encouraging our young people with ways they can improve, by highlighting how they excelled or by addressing areas of concern. Poorly written, or barely written, comments help no one. Our purpose is to uplift, not discourage.
That does not mean, however, every participant deserves a Gold medal. While you will suggest a medal choice, the final decision is left to the Event Director. They can only make this decision based on your comments.

Every congregation is expected to supply judges. Please let your Church Director know you are willing to fill this need. Or, stop by the registration table and volunteer to judge an event.
You will change a life.