It's easy.

Contact the CTLTC Chairman to discuss your desire and next steps.

He will put you in contact with Registration ( so you can be assigned a congregational number.

Your next decision? Select a Church Director. Who is this? Great question!

This person is the official contact between CTLTC and your congregation. They are responsible for submitting all paperwork, completing all online registration pages, ordering t-shirts, securing Event Coaches, finding judges to help at convention, inviting your youth to participate and scheduling all rehearsals.
So, choose carefully!

This person is also responsible for completing the following steps:

  1. Reading and accepting our Church Etiquette and Participant Behavior Agreement. Then, sharing this document with every adult and youth participating in CTLTC from your congregation
  2. Check the CTLTC website ( for updates
  3. Communicate regularly with registration, CTLTC Board and staff (a reliable email address and mobile phone number is required)
  4. Attend all Convention meetings (normally we hold one, or two, pre-convention meetings with Church Directors and Event Directors as well as one post-convention meeting. All meeting dates can be found on the website. You will also receive reminders)
  5. Register all participants, individuals and teams, by the deadline date
  6. Pay the registration fee by deadline date
  7. Select Event Coaches for every event with participants
  8. Order t-shirts (you have a second chance to confirm sizes) by REGISTRATION deadline date
  9. Make all registration corrections by CORRECTION deadline date
  10. Make hotel reservations through hotel link on website
  11. Provide appropriate number of volunteers and judges
  12. Make all award corrections by AWARDS deadline
  13. Select a Church Director Assistant that can help you complete onsite registration easily and without a lot of stress
  14. Read the manual. You are responsible for providing clear and accurate guidance to your Event Coaches concerning rules and guidelines
  15. Ask questions. That's what we're here for … to help you be successful
  16. Pray. This convention is never more successful than when bathed in prayer
  17. Enjoy yourself!
  18. Once the convention is over … take a vacation. You've earned it!

Do you want to learn more about CTLTC?

Reach out to our Chairman ( and he will be glad to discuss CTLTC and how it can bless your congregation.


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Contact the CTLTC Chairman to discuss your plans, then you will reach out to registration …

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