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Why do we have a Convention? That is a great question. The main focus of Leadership Training for Christ (LTC) is to raise up leaders. It is hard to be a leader when you do not have the training and skills to confidently go forward. How many stories have you heard where mature men and women are not willing to step forward and serve the church family in classes, devotionals, special workshops or even services? Is it because they do not want to serve or because they don’t feel they have the confidence or skills needed to do the task? More than likely it is the latter.

So how do they get this training? One way is to discover the skill set required, then put it into practice. While working with other adults can be intimidating, young people are less intimidating, and yes, more forgiving. As the adult begins learning, they can also teach. The skills and confidence of both grow - win - win. Now the adult is not only the teacher, but a friend and mentor as well. Again - win - win.

The young people receive training and confidence at an early age and do not have the same fears when they become adults (win - win). They now have the skills, and through their mentor the example of serving others. They in turn are eager to pass along this to other young people in the church wherever they end up as adults (ok one more time and I’ll stop) win - win.

OK, we have established the chain reaction of training, what about convention? Preparing for an event such as convention gives our young people a specific focus. Most young people need a goal if they are going to stay focused on a project. Going to convention allows them to practice their skills and get feedback from another adult. They meet other young people who are participating in the same event and make friends; possibly for a lifetime. They can see what their skills are, get tips and feedback from their peers and they find out that other are just as apprehensive or confident as they are. Now they have their confidence and skills, and they can take their training back to their home congregation and put it to work for the Lord. Ok, I can't help it WIN - WIN!!

Remember to check the manual (online) for the Convention Etiquette Guidelines to review and distribute a copy to each of the participants.

Check on our site for information about our host facility, the George R Brown Convention Center.

Convention Events (All)

  • Bible Bowl
  • Bible Reading (3-6 Grades)
  • Bulletin Board
  • Children's Book
  • Chorus
  • Christian Art
  • Live Modern Drama (7-12 grades)
  • Mission / Outreach Display (7-12 Grades)
  • Puppet
  • Scrapbook
  • Signing for the Deaf
  • Song Leading
  • Speech