As Church Coordinators you are the gateway (not the gate keeper) of information. You (and your team) will be the focal point for congregation’s participants in LTC, to gather information about this year’s convention. You will be able to log onto the registration site and will be responsible for the accuracy of the information on your participants. The manual is located in the Documents section of this site and is broken down into several for your convenience. Please let your participants know where these can be found so they can print them as they need them and you can save having to constantly re-print lost copies of Event Rules.

Below is the CTLTC Church Coordinators Code of Ethics, which can be found in the CTLTC Manual, please read and follow this Code of Ethics so that you and your congregation’s participants can get the most of their training and participations in CTLTC.


LTC is for the growth and spiritual development of our youth. The LTC preparation must be the student's own work. Guidance, resources, and encouragement must be provided so that students can develop their own ideas. Church Coordinators must place their emphasis on participation and effort rather than on competition and winning. Lesser value comes from winning; maximum value comes from hard work and best efforts. Church Coordinators must emphasize servant leadership. It is not enough to teach public communication skills, but additionally, we must model and teach leadership through servant hood. Church Coordinators must find important and needed areas for our youth leaders to be integrated into the overall leadership of the church. Our youth need responsibilities now that give them important roles and contribute to the church.