The power behind a successful convention is found in the hands of these men and women. You are the gateway of information that keeps everything moving.

You, and your team, are the focal point in every congregation participating in CTLTC. You gather information to share with registration. You are the conduit registration uses to send your group information, updates and changes. We trust you to be accurate, timely and responsible.

You are responsible for registering your congregation with the congregation. Ordering T-shirts. Securing judges and volunteers. Providing changes to registration so we have an accurate count for each team event and the right number of young people in each individual event.

You are the keeper of the manual for your congregation. You are responsible for sharing event guidelines to make sure every child and young person is preparing correctly for their event(s).

You are also responsible for communicating the CTLTC Code of Ethics to your group. To make sure everyone, young and old, understands the purpose of CTLTC and the goals of our convention … primarily, to praise and honor God. For your convenience, here is the Church Coordinator’s Code of Ethics:

CTLTC is for the spiritual development and maturing of every young person participating this year. Preparation for each event must be done by each child or teen’s own work.
Guidance, resources, suggestions and encouragement should be provided by Event Coaches, parents, teachers or others to help your youth develop their ideas, skits, selection of music and content for their display of faith

Display of faith is the key.

Yes, we will award Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for their participation. But the competition is not what drives CTLTC. "Winning" is more than a medal. "Winning" is growing in your faith, developing confidence to lead and exhibiting courage to share your faith in the world where you live.

We are not simply teaching skills. We are helping you discover your God-given talents, determine how best to serve and deciding why your faith is important.