Participation in the CTLTC Convention is divided into three categories:


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The local congregation's event coach or church coordinator will coordinate the judging of all Challenge Events. Those who judge the work will make every effort to:

  • Keep the standards high.
  • Make certain the student completes all work according to the event rules.
  • Make certain the student actually performed the work listed.
  • Make certain this work was done with only a reasonable amount of adult supervision.
  • Remember these are supposed to be challenges and not "gimmies".
  • Make certain the documentation is legible and understandable.

All events should be completed and judged PRIOR to Convention.

Each individual award winner will receive an engraved plate for his/her participant's plaque. Awards will be placed in congregational packets to be picked up by the Church Coordinator at the end of convention. Church Coordinators will have until two weeks after the convention to apply for awards, corrections or updates. Any awards needed after this deadline will have to be secured by the Church Coordinator from a local business.

Church Coordinators should verify each Participant is using the current (2018) rules.

Challenge Events (All)

  • Bible Class Teaching Challenge
  • Bible Reading (7-12 Grades) Challenge
  • Daily Prayer and Bible Study Challenge
  • Daily Scripture Reading Challenge
  • Evangelism Challenge
  • Leadership Challenge
  • Scripture Challenge
  • Service Challenge